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Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 ...
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Based on the premise that accountants often make finance unnecessarily confusing, this no-frills guide will help small business owners see beyond the numbers and translate financial statements into tangible business success. The author shows the reader how to use key financial indicators as a basis for smart business decisions, with a focus on companies in the range between start-up and $5 million in revenue. In a humorous and conversational tone, Crabtree explains how even the most harried business owners can use financial metrics to improve their bottom line. The author´s down-to-earth discussion includes many insights: most business owners are probably not paying themselves enough; paying taxes can be a positive in accounting; and, a company-wide salary cap can help immensely with personnel decisions. Additionally, the numerous examples help readers see for themselves how following the author´s advice will have a direct impact on their profits.

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